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How to stabilize the API economy? With trust. Here I am trying to find a rating model that helps developers manage risk and opportunities in using APIs. Every critical point of view is welcome, this is a tool for us, let's build it together. Mehdi Medjaoui, from
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The API economy is growing and developers all around the world seem to be happy with that.

APIs are an amazing way to open data and services to other developers. API suppliers give them access to some of your components for free or for a fee. This way, they can build amazing applications right from those components, focusing on the value they bring to the end-user.

Developers are the blood of this API economy and APIs are the muscles, giving the air and the energy to them, making these components work together in API- or composite APIs applications.

With a more and more coherent and structured cloud ecosystem, we are getting able to accomplish greater business services to help everybody live better in a cloud century. With Apple’s Siri (that used 40 APIs in 2010, and 55 APIs as of 2012) we now entered a new era of mashup applications. However, it is very important to keep this tendency.

According to, there are more than 8500 APIs with 50+ ones every week. Despite those good signs, some API suppliers have turned to the dark side of the Force, which testifies that the API ecosystem today is still fragile.

Those suppliers don’t respect developers enough. They often break their APIs or change their terms and conditions without any warning and just really don’t care about developers who actually make the 3rd party application ecosystem and provide feedback to improve the APIs.

They are just wasting developers’ time.

I would like developers to put positive pressure on API suppliers to make them respect their developers’ business and work.

Some of them are fair and play the game and I will talk soon about who they are in this blog. The others need to get more transparent and respectful with developers. Because developers make them who they are. By harming developers, they are harming themselves.

Please read this open letter from the CEO of Mashape : Don’t Fuck up the API ecosystem.

So developers, please unite to form one powerful entity that will restore a healthy balance in the API economy.

This the reason I make this blog called  : the construction of the API rating agency.

Let’s be smart, it is actually the best thing we do.

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